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Automate Downloading SQL Cumulative Updates

Those of us admins that download each SQL Cumulative Update when it comes out may find this script handy. When you request a CU from Microsoft, you get this plain text email with links and passwords. Each link is to a different self-extracting zip file with the corresponding password below it.

When a CU has many files, it becomes a long series of point-and-click to download them all. Then you have to manually put in the password to each file in order to extract it. I wanted an easier solution.

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Download the MCM Readiness Videos with PowerShell: Now with BITS

I was playing around with BITS transferring backups between servers and discovered that BITS has PowerShell cmdlets. I was previously using the BITSAdmin Tool which was easy, but I wanted to find out more about the PoSh cmdlets. After reading the docs, I decided to use these cmdlets in my MCM video download script.

BITS stands for Background Intelligent Transfer Service. It is a service built into windows since XP designed to transfer files in the background without interrupting normal user network usage. Windows Update uses BITS to download all the patches that need to be applied to your computer. As stated above, you too can also use BITS to transfer files around. If you regularly transfer large files over the network and get annoyed by how it affects your computer experience, look into replacing the normal copy, xcopy, robocopy commands with it.

My first attempt queued all the files into one BITS transfer. The upside is only one BITS job to manage. The downside is the filenames aren’t written until the whole job completes. Long download jobs often get cancelled and the user would want to be able to listen to or watch the files that had already finished. I wanted the opposite, so I went for one job per file.

The BITS cmdlets require PowerShell v2.0

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Download the MCM Readiness Videos with PowerShell

Microsoft has changed their SQL MCM program to allow more people access to the course and certification. In doing so, they are recording much of the classroom training that was previously required and putting it up on TechNet. We’re talking close to 60 videos already. Sure, you could stream them one at a time, but I wanted to be able to download them all and watch them offline without a bunch of clicking. So I built the below PowerShell scripts. They’re really simple to use, and only have one external requirement that makes dealing with web pages much easier.

You’ll need to download the Html Agility Pack library from here.

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Get urls of all WMV files
>& ‘.\Download MCM Videos.ps1’

Download all WMV files
>& ‘.\Download MCM Videos.ps1’ -download

Download all iPod files
>& ‘.\Download MCM Videos.ps1’ -download -type ipod