Growing the PASS Summit speaker pool: Encouragement vs. Discouragement

Allen Kinsel and Jeremiah Peschka recently posted about growing the pool of speakers for the PASS Summit.

Instead of worrying about limiting current presenters, we need to encourage new ones. How about forming mentoring program? I want to get better at speaking so that I could, in a year or two, try to present at the summit. Unfortunately, I need someone, other than myself, pushing me to speak AND providing honest feedback and encouragement. It’s tough to speak at a user group and get absolutely no feedback.

Having just recently moved to an area with a minimally functioning PASS chapter and .NET user group, opportunities are rarer. Why not start a fund to help with local travel. Offer to pay for gas and find volunteers that would offer their couch for an overnight stay.

There are people out there that want to gain the experience necessary. Let’s find them, encourage and enable them to do so. We need to invest in the future.

3 thoughts on “Growing the PASS Summit speaker pool: Encouragement vs. Discouragement

  1. SQLvariant


    I'm right there with you about encouraging the new ones. I probably wouldn't be speaking anywhere near as much as I do today if people hadn't kept asking me "hey when are you going to speak?"

    To that end, I'd love for you to join us out at SQL Saturday #41 in Atlanta next month, call for speakers closes in 2 weeks:

    And it sounds like you want something like the Speaker's Bureau too. I myself hope this effort gains steam:

  2. Pat Wright


    I think the mentoring idea is a great idea and would be something that PASS should pursue. It is tough starting out in speaking and learning what you need to do. I would also suggest to find out if you have a Local ToastMasters group around you. ( We have one here at my office that helps people to learn how to speak in public. I really haven't attended one of these events yet because of time constraints but it sounds like a great way to learn about public speaking.



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